The US Economy Today

The US has always been known to be one of those countries that always had if not a very stable, then a still successful and thriving economy. Everyone heard of the time that the United States of America’s economy was really down and it took some time before they got back up but then again, they were still somehow able to get back up. There are so many factors that affect the economy of the country: imports, exports, employment rates, inflation, and many others. As we all know, the US is a very large country with a very big population and it is still obviously growing until now.

The US is very well known to have good opportunities especially when it comes to the job opportunities the US can offer. This is important especially for the millennials since they are the people who are most affected. There are so many things affecting the employment rates today and the population just does not stop growing and so there have to be more people accommodated. It gets harder because as everyone is aware, there are lots of migrants that are also seeking for shelter in both the US and the Europe because these are two nations that are very well developed already and can offer more than what others can offer.

So since the population is continuously growing, there are higher demands for jobs and so there is a bigger possibility for people to lose their jobs or for people to be unable to even attain one and that will obviously cause a higher unemployment rate. And although, according to news and certain predictions, the economy of the US will keep improving, there is no certainty because of what we are seeing now and there is no certainty as to how the still rising population can affect the US economy.

Of course, the imports and the exports of a country also highly affect the state of the economy of a country and the US is not an exception to that. It has been reported that the United States of America’s highest trading partner is China, whether we are talking about imports or exports. The US has already established a good relationship with China especially when it comes to their business and political arrangements. Both countries have been known to be superpowers so their relationship is beneficial to both China and the US. The US exports to almost all parts of the world and also allows some imports to enter the country.

Both imports and exports are very big factors when determining the state of the US economy. Imports and exports both depend on how the government runs its relations with other countries, on what the government agrees to go in and out of the country. The US, being a superpower, has been known to have a successful and growing economy, but according to Trump news, with the administration of Donald Trump today, the people of America are not very confident about keeping the status of having the largest economy today. The economy of the US has so many factors in which their government should consider, and they also have to make sure that what they choose to let in and out of the country should be beneficial to the economy of the US in order to maintain a thriving one.

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