The Top Feature You’ll Need For Your Next Shower Pod

Shower pods will never lose their appeal for many homebuyers. They’re simple but luxurious additions that will undoubtedly improve the overall look of your house. If you are looking for one, you should remember to look for a specific feature. Don’t know what it is? We’ll let you in on the secret! It’s LED Coloured lighting!

Chromotherapy: what is it?

Chromotherapy makes use of LED lights that can change colours depending on your mood. You can choose from a spectrum of colours and program the light’s intensity depending on how bright or dim you want it to be. It can be wall-mounted, attached to the shower head or it can be built-in to the side jets.

Chromotherapy is a well-known practice to improve one’s overall health. It can restore one’s inner balance and increase wellbeing. Hence, colour lighting helps in making your bathing experience in the shower pod more enjoyable. Not to mention, changing the colour every day will make your shower time unique every time. It will make your shower fun and colourful by saturating the water’s colour in different hues. It can help you loosen up your tight muscles so that you can fully relax. You can de-stress and unwind from a hard day’s work without a problem.

Colours have been known to influence one’s physical and psychological levels depending on the specific frequency and vibration. Here’s a bit of colour psychology to give you an overview of what colour moods can do for you:

Red: fire, passion, energy, action and determination.

The colour red can energise you and increase your blood flow and spike your body temperature to improve your vitality.

Green: balance, growth, harmony and health.

Green is said to be effective in calming the nervous system and giving your immune system a boost. It invokes a soothing effect that helps when you are feeling anxious or frustrated. It may also help you if you are experiencing sleeping problems.

Blue: coolness, peace and calm.

Because blue is the colour of the sky and the ocean, it will help you breathe deeply and naturally so that you can loosen up some of the accumulated muscle tension in your body. Blue can also lower your blood pressure because it has a pacifying effect. It also works to reduce inflammation when you have sustained a bodily injury.

Blue also invites clarity of mind. When your head is full of thoughts and you can’t rest easily, taking a shower in a shower pod with blue colours will definitely bring you peace.

Yellow: positivity, optimism, joy and brightness.

Yellow is a warm colour, and it can brighten up your day whenever you’re feeling down. You can also become more inspired to innovate since yellow brings your creative thinking to the fore.

This is how LED Lighting can change how you take a shower. Be sure to check if the shower pod you want has this feature before purchasing it.


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