A List of the Essential Signs that You Need to have Your Commercial Boiler Serviced

Did you know that the United Kingdom is the third biggest market for boilers in the world? In 2016 alone, about 1.7 million units were purchased in the UK, and the country had approximately 26 million boilers, with most of the units comprised of gas condensing boilers. If you have a business and are making use of a commercial boiler, it is in your best interest to be sure that your boiler is working to its full potential. If your boiler ceases to operate in the middle of your daily operations, this could spell a disruption in your business – but it could also be a critical safety risk for your staff and your customers. If you want to be surer that your boiler is functioning correctly and efficiently, here is a list of the signs you should look for so that you can determine if your boiler needs servicing.


The importance of regular servicing for your commercial boiler

If your boiler is working and functioning correctly and it doesn’t show signs of any issues, you may be thinking that it doesn’t need regular servicing. But this is an all too common mistake made by many business owners. Even if your boiler looks like it is working properly and efficiently, there may be some hidden issues that aren’t apparent until it suddenly breaks down – and you are then left with an emergency on your hands. With regular servicing, however, you can make sure that your commercial property has continual access to hot water and heating and avoid disastrous problems which can lead to more money spent in the end.

The signs you need to check which may indicate that your boiler needs servicing:

A temperature drop

If your premises are still cold even if your boiler is on, this could be a potential issue. You should check if the pipes and radiators are heating up at the same temperature and at the same time. If your radiators seem to be working correctly, then the boiler could be the source of the issue.

A higher fuel bill

If your boiler is not working in the proper manner, you could notice an increase in your fuel bill. This is because the boiler will tend to use much more fuel just to function properly. If you have seen an increase in your fuel bill and are thinking of switching to another gas supplier, check your boiler first – this could be the source of the problem which is unrelated to your gas supplier.

A ticking, clunking, or whirring noise

If your boiler isn’t working well, you could be hearing some noises too. Unusual and abnormal noises might include a whirring, clunking, or ticking coming from your boiler. Make it a point to check for sounds if you have a busy and noisy commercial setting – the environment could easily be drowning out the noises made by your boiler, and you could have worse problems later on.

A good boiler can last for about a decade to up to 15 years, as confirmed by commercial boiler specialists at www.milgas.co.uk. But you should have your boiler serviced at least once a year just to be sure that it reaches its full potential and you don’t end up spending more for repairs and issues which could very well be avoided with regular servicing.

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Text source: https://invictus-mech.co.uk/commercial-industrial-heating-engineers/often-commercial-boiler-serviced/

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