3 Benefits of Direct Cremation

There’s no denying that death will always be a part of life. Some may pass sooner than others, but everyone reaches the same destination eventually. As such, funerals serve as a way for all of us not only to grieve and cope with the loss but also to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed. However, with the cost of traditional funeral services seemingly on the rise, it becomes much more practical to opt for a cheaper alternative, which direct cremation services are. To this end, here are just a few benefits of direct cremation.

  1. Much more inexpensive than traditional funeral services

Perhaps the biggest reason as to why more and more families prefer to have direct cremations is because of the high costs common in traditional funeral services. After all, the fees that it entails from the acquisition of a casket and the process of embalming to the charges for the facilities and transportation can prove to be a little too much for those of us who have no more than a modest budget to work with. By opting for direct cremation, you’ll be able to minimise the expenses and allow yourself a little financial wiggle room in the process.

  1. Direct cremations are generally faster

Unlike traditional funeral services which can last for more than just a few days, a direct cremation often requires no more than two to three days. As small a detail as this might be to some, not many of us can afford to invest a considerable amount of time given all of the daily tasks and responsibilities that we need to attend to. This can also be beneficial to those who cannot pay their respects at the time due to illness or proximity.

  1. It allows you to take the remains with you

Apart from both its expedient process and the considerable reduction in expenditure, another reason why some families choose direct cremation is that it allows you to take the remains of your loved one with you. This can be incredibly advantageous, especially in cases where a change in location becomes a necessity for the family. No matter what your disposition may be, direct cremation offers a wider variety of options that its more traditional counterpart lacks.

While all of us would want to give our loved ones who have passed a proper send-off as well as celebrate the memory of their lives, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to spend a small fortune in doing so. After all, very few of us can actually afford it without breaking the bank. Direct cremations still allow those of us left behind to grieve and move on from the loss without the high costs that a traditional funeral service would entail. But it is, however, essential to talk with the rest of your family first before making any final decision. As pragmatic and economical as direct cremation might be, it may not give some family members and friends’ the closure they need since no funeral services will be held.

Image: Pixabay.com