5 Key Points to Having the Best Relocation Policy for Your Organization

Your employees deserve an excellent relocation policy. Such an approach must take to account well-known relocation policies that are not only flexible but also put into consideration the core interests of your employees and the organization at large.

This post aims to shed light on your organization’s best policy considerations to consider a smooth transition for your current and future employees.

Avail Room For Plan Flexibility

A policy is only as good as its level of flexibility. The approach you settle for must be flexible in a manner that avails for easy relocation within and outside the state or continent.

Flexibility comes to play in a scenario where an employer offers a flat amount of money without considering the place the employer is moving from. In some instances, such employers provide different amounts to employees of the same level.

It will help if your organization considers a strategy like the one outlined in the table below. The table summarizes the amount each employee is entitled to each time they move. The best part is that it clearly outlines the mileage, making it easy for you to create realistic financial estimates.



East Coast/Midwest (1,500 Miles) $5,000.00 $8,000.00 $10,000.00 $ 15,000.00
1,500 Miles Plus1 $7,500.00 $12,000.00 $ 20,000.00 $30,000.00

Ensure the relocation policy caters to the interest of employees’ spouses

The marriage institution is worthy of honor in all walks. Having a policy plan that caters to the interest of a spouse makes an employee feel valued. Your policy plan should create a good platform for spouses to air their concerns. The last thing you should do is ignore such concerns hence letting your employee relocate with an unhappy spouse.

Availing room for spouses to air their concerns ensures a smooth relocation

Offer A Job Finding Assistance To The Spouse Of Your Employee

A relocation policy won’t do your organization any good if it fails to consider your employees’ spouse’s employment status. Lack of employment for one spouse might stir up financial distress, which might end up frustrating your employee. Always have a way to offer resume review or assistance in job finding for their spouse. A happy spouse equals a happy employee, and this causes productivity in your organization.

 Have A Relocation Plan That Is Market Competitive.

Social media is a good platform for creating awareness. The best part is that any information you need is available online. As such, people compare the relocation benefits of their organization inside the social media platforms.

Having a remarkable Human Capital Consulting firm onboard can aid your organization gauge where you stand among your peers after benchmarking your benefit offerings. Also, you will see clearly where you stand in the geographical area you are headquartered.

Find The Best Option For Your Organization.

You could opt for an in-house or outsourced administration option; either way, it has to prove effective in meeting the above considerations and more. One thing you must put into consideration is the pros and cons of each.

In House Administration

This option means you will manage all your operations via your able HR department. The benefit of this is that you get to be in control of all your operations from the beginning to the end, and the best part is that it is way cheaper if you have lots of people relocating.

The downside to it all is that it consumes a lot of time because, in some instances, you might be uncertain of which vendors to get in business with hence making serious mistakes, especially when handling your top employees.

Outsourced Administration

The best thing about this is it relieves your employees, eases the HR department’s workload, and allows them to be major on more pressing needs of the organization.

The downside is that it is not pocket-friendly, but the amount depends on the number of employees you are relocating. Also, it is time-consuming because it requires a continuous assessment of the cost and the benefit it guarantees the program. The outsourced administration requires more coordination amongst the employer, employee, and vendor.

To Sum It Up

As an employer, you should count it all joy when you are faced with a situation where you have to relocate an employee. It is a clear indication of growth and success in business. It means you are going big. However, failing to have a good relocation policy can cost you big time. Hence the above considerations should come in handy.

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