Crazy Bongs That Are Perfect For Parties

Any bong that’s functional will really do for parties, but human nature tends to lean towards a desire to show off and attract recognition. For old men that enjoy golfing it might be a fancy and expensive driving club that they hope their friends will notice, and for middle aged stay at home moms it could just be a new center piece for their dining room table. For stoners that like to party, it just so happens that crazy bongs with unique shapes or concepts behind their design is what inspires the most awe. Plus, the more people you get crowding around you asking to try your bong, the more likely you are to get a bunch of free weed when they inevitably offer you a bowl or two in exchange. This article’s here to give you a few ideas to get this exact job done at the next party you go to.

The Classic Zong

Yes, Zong can refer to a unique brand name of glass bongs, but since there are a lot of rip-offs out there most people just call any bong with a similar shape a zong. The signature of look of a zong is the literal embodiment of the name. In general it’s a totally regular and more or less mundane bong, except the stem from which the user inhales is made with a crazy zigzag shape to it which turns what’s usually a plain cylinder into a funky letter “Z”, hence the name “zong”. There’s an air of antiquity around these types of pieces and while they’re not exactly “crazy” bongs compared to some more unique inventions, they’ll still grab a lot of attention from the crowd’s cannabis veterans.


This silicone contraption will surely blow a few minds when you first take it out. This is a bong that was designed for nomadic smokers who want to blaze up on the go without worrying about how they transport their bong. The malleable silicone lets you literally roll it up tight and pack it away in a bag without any fear of breaking.

Gas Masks

Exactly as the name suggests, these are bongs that are attached to gas masks which you wear on your head. These can be intimidating to try since the gas mask seals you in there so you have no choice but to clear your bowl, but it’s always good fun. Nothing more to be said about this one, it’s a freaking gas mask, it’s sick as hell at parties.