How to Make the Most of Your Time at Home In This Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has shifted pretty much everything online. Classes, Examinations, doctors’ appointments, and even work is being conducted online from people’s respective residences. It puts a lot of pressure on the internet connectivity in many homes because you could reach your data limit earlier than the month’s end, and spend more and more money trying to keep a steady internet connection to meet your school or work expectations.

What’s more is that with how the circumstances are worldwide, travel is not a priority anymore and people are bound to their homes. Finding the right internet plan for your home to suit everybody’s needs during this pandemic can be tricky, just like finding ways to make the most of your time at home can also get exhausting because it’s easy to run out of things to do.

Sure, people have been channeling their inner chefs, and artists; exploring their creative side you can say, but almost always there comes a point where you would rather sit back and enjoy a good movie.

One of the best solutions to getting through these tough times is to get your home a good internet and TV plan, and what’s better than the Spectrum Silver Package?

Why Choose Spectrum Silver

The Spectrum Silver Package or let’s say packages under this criteria are the most popular ones among Spectrum customers.

For a price of $119.98 monthly, you can enjoy over 175 channels of Spectrum TV in HD quality, including HBO Max, Showtime, NFL Network, Nick Jr. and so much more! You also get the liberty to choose from thousands of On Demand options to watch anytime, and anywhere with the Spectrum TV App. This particular package also includes Spectrum Internet services, with download speeds of up to 200 Mbps and a free internet modem and anti-virus software to protect your private network.

Spectrum Silver packages come with the added benefit of being contract-free. That’s right, customers subscribing to Spectrum Silver packages won’t be bound by any contracts; in fact subscribing to Spectrum Double Play or Triple Play packages can give you the added bonus of getting out of your current contracts as Spectrum would pay up to $500 to help with any termination fees.

Spectrum Silver customers also get the advantage of having free installation services upon subscription. There is even a money-back guarantee if customers wish to cancel the subscription within 30 days.

Spectrum TV Entertainment

Spectrum Silver packages come bearing the various benefits of the Spectrum TV service. Who would have thought that cable TV would be relevant in today’s day, with all the streaming services dominating the industry? But Spectrum’s TV service isn’t like the standard cable TV that we used to have back in the day. Here’s what Spectrum TV offers that brings it at par with these streaming giants.

Spectrum On Demand
Customers subscribing to Spectrum TV services get access to an On Demand library with thousands of options to select from. These include everything from movies to the most popular TV series nationwide.

Spectrum TV App
Subscribing to any Spectrum Silver service gives customers the freedom to watch TV anytime, anywhere! Get access to Spectrum’s On Demand library through your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even the Xbox One or Apple TV.

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