Keep your Photos and Videos Safe

You must have heard about incidents where personal photos of people are used by outsiders for immoral purposes and spread across the internet. People use these photos without your permission for some advertisement purpose, for blackmailing or other weird reasons. To bring an end to such nefarious acts you should be more careful while posting your pictures in the social networking sites. You can either adopt certain safety measures or select some of the family-friendly social networking sites to ensure that your personal photos and videos are safe.

Look for trustworthy Family Friendly Social Network

Using family-friendly social networking sites like are one of the safest ways to store and share your personal photos and videos. Such sites offer various social media components like connections for sharing photos, comments, contents etc. All you have to do is, download the software, install and run the app. Next register and get into the site. Normally, such sites offer paid membership. The basic mission of these family-friendly social networking sites is to augment the real-life interactions and help people to connect in close proximity. Once you become their member, you can upload thousands of photos and video files under album. Then share these private albums with particularly the persons you want to and keep your memories protected. Everything is under your control.

The hidden danger

The process of sharing the photos and videos with your friends and family through social networking sites is really very convenient. But the dangers associated are undeniable too. Not only are there chances of the photos getting stolen, but the photos taken with devices having GPS technology activated also reveals the personal details. It reveals a lot about your whereabouts.

Protect yourself and your loved ones

There are several steps you should take to protect yourself and your family while posting your personal photos and videos online to reduce the chances of falling victim:

  • Check the privacy settings – To do so, you need to log in to your respective account and go to the option privacy settings and the parameters you want to fix.
  • Indentify your friends – If you have a lot of friends on your friend-list, take out some time to review the list and ensure everyone still looks familiar, if not unfriend them.
  • Disable GPS technology – Before you capture any photos with your smartphone, if you intend to post it online, you should turn off the GPS before taking the snap.
  • Be careful in not sharing any personal information – A photo taken in front of your house could make public your address or a T-shirt with a school logo could disclose in which school your kid is studying. So, when you post such casual pictures be careful in covering your personal details and not making them public.
  • Always learn to protest – If someone posts your or your child’s photo on the social networking sites without your consent and you don’t feel like sharing, ask them to remove the pictures immediately.

So, either you follow these steps or post your pictures and videos only in the family-friendly social networks like to ensure that your memories are in safe hands.