Nvidia Seeks to Revolutionize Healthcare With Clara Platform

Santa Clara-based Nvidia has launched its Clara platform, which it hopes will revolutionize healthcare by speeding up and improving medical imaging.

The Clara platform is a combination of hardware and software that brings artificial intelligence (AI) to the next generation of medical instruments as a tool for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

Nvidia’s Clara platform, which was unveiled at the company’s annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in Silicon Valley, is an open platform that enables the medical industry to build and deploy breakthrough algorithms to create intelligent instruments and automate healthcare workflows.

“The Clara platform addresses the great challenge of medical instruments: processing the massive sea of data — tens to thousands of gigabytes’ worth — generated each second so it can be interpreted by doctors and scientists,” the company said in a statement.

Nvidia’s global business development lead for healthcare and life sciences, Abdul Hamid Halabi, said there were many medical imaging instruments, but “advances in artificial intelligence and computing technology have made it possible to reduce radiation exposure, improve image quality, and produce images in real time.”

The company said the Clara platform allows medical imaging developers to use AI to automate workflows, make instruments run faster, improve image quality, and assist doctors in detecting and diagnosing disease. Nvidia said it is working with a number of startups that use its technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and to improve patient care.

Some of the companies using the Clara platform are: Subtle Medical, ImFusion, Fujifilm, and Therapixel. The applications of Nvidia’s next-gen technologies range from improving workflows for medical imaging, to enhancing images that lead to more accurate diagnosis.     

Taken together, it’s time for healthcare leaders to embrace artificial intelligence. By powering the digital transformation of healthcare with AI, redundant tasks can be automated while augmenting the capabilities of doctors -ultimately benefitting providers and patients.   

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