Popular day trips from Sydney

Any trip to Sydney will include the usual locations of Bondi, Darling Harbour, the Sydney Opera house and a host of other must-visit locations. What many people forget or realise upon extended visits is the countless other locations just outside Sydney which warrant a day or more to themselves and have some the cheaper vacation homes in Sydney as they are just on the outskirts. Most of these are naturally beautiful locations which are the essence of the popularity of Australia. Some have activities for the braver among you and others are leisurely locations that are ideal for a picnic with family and friends, then others are slightly urban but with a little less of the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Here is a selection of some day trip ideas you can take while on holidays in Sydney, some may require a second day due to logistics, but nothing more than that.

Palm Beach:

Palm Beach is more famously known as the set for ‘Home and Away’. Located in the affluent Northern beaches suburb of Sydney a day trip here is ideal for lovers of the TV show and those who want to see how some of Australia’s more wealthy residents spend their summers. Don’t think this location is out of your price range as it is easily accessible by public bus, although a car rental would probably be a better option for those who are confident to drive and who want to spend a few extra hours strolling along the amazing beaches and cliff walks.

Fishing, taking a charted seaplane and celebrity searching are some of the more popular activities in the area. To get the most out of your day, try to get there before midday as this is when the crowds usually get there especially on weekends. To see some of the famous tv series sites do a little research and get some idea of the key ones you want to see as there is some distance between some of the film locations.

Hunter Valley:

For those with an affinity for wine and the rolling hills that surround Sydney then the best place for you to visit would have to be Hunter valley. With over 150 wineries to choose from, Hunter valley offers some of the best wine tasting tours in Australia. It is within a two-hour drive from Sydney and tours can be easily arranged form either Sydney or within the valley yourself if you choose which wineries you want to visit before you disembark.

Spend the day trying some of Australia’s =finest wines and enjoy the stunning surroundings. There are countless places to grab a bite to eat, or if you can find a nice location a picnic would be ideal for a group of friends or your partner.

Blue mountain:

Home to the three sisters rock formations the blue mountains are a must visit for anyone who is in Sydney. It is easily reached by bus, train or car and is one of the most popular day trips from Sydney by both locals and tourists.

It is easy to spend far more than a day in the Blue mountains park, it contains numerous trails to follow allowing you to discover waterfalls, active systems and the amazing forest at the base of the surrounding mountains.

There are numerous companies which provide different tours in the area. For the more extreme of you there are tours which offer rappelling, cliff jumping and abseiling in the mountains allowing you to see the park in a far more unique way than many other visitors to the area. Try to choose a day where the weather is in your favour as the waters will be cold anyway so added bad weather won’t help.

For the adventure tours try to arrange this with a group of friends or family members so you have some people to share all the amazing memories with.

Jervis Bay:

This is a hidden gem that a lot of locals will try to avoid telling you about so the crowds to this amazing place don’t get much bigger. Jervis Bay has held onto its ruggedness and beauty for many years and hopefully, it continues to do so.

With white sandy beaches, turquoise water and abundance of wildlife Jervis bay are one of the most stunning locations on the NSW coast. Easily reachable by car this is a popular destination for those with a few days to spend in the parks and locations around Jervis Bay. Ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving and wildlife watching Jervis bay has everything a nature lover could want.

Royal national park:

Finally, the last one on this list is the Royal national park, home to the figure eight pools, a unique rock formation which is on many tourist sites and picture relating to Sydney’s natural beauty.

The park contains everything you need for a nature lovers day out, white sandy coastline, sub-tropical rainforests, unique rock formations and abundance of wildlife. The rock formations can only be accessed during low tide some make sure that you research this so you’re not disappointed. This amazing park is located just a short hour’s drive from the CBD and has many locations which you can park up and explore that park.

So, with this list it’s time to get planning and find the perfect day trip locations for those of you who want a break from the city.