The Common Causes of Repair on The Pier and Beam Types of Foundation 

A foundation might require repair depending on the damage impacted on it. It might happen that the damage occurred naturally or even physically impacted by someone. If the Pier and Beam foundation is damaged, no matter how minute the intensity, it is essential to have it repaired.

 It is because, unless assessed by the experts and confirmed to be harmless, the smallest of the damages might end up turning into huge ones, which at the time might be almost impossible to repair and replacement to be done. Below are some of the common causes of Pier and Beam foundation repairs done on these foundations.

Parasite Infestation

Parasite infestation is usually a significant problem that aces people with piers and beams in wood. It is because termites and mites might infest the foundation to the building from inside the wood, making the structure compromised in terms of its integrity.

 It mostly happened for the olden day houses. Nowadays, houses are usually made of steel piers which are less prone to such occurrences. Don’t watch the house collapse due to decaying piers and beams. Why Wouldn’t one have them replaced if the repair cost would be more recurrent?


Rusting is usually a problem faced by house owners with their pears and beams mostly of steel. It is because metals are prone to rust if the necessary conditions have been availed. However, it is observed that those on coasts experience much rusting compared to those living in areas with little moisture.

Moisture, especially on the coast where the salt deposits from the ocean water stick to the steel, is likely to boost the rusting process. However, if recognized early enough, the persons might inform the experts to repair the pier and beam. The professionals on the surface might do the painting to reduce the rusting rate and improve the structure’s life span. What more would one ask for other than a much durable structure?


The impact is a sudden external force presented onto the surface of an object, causing it to break or crack. The impact may be due to different causes, one of them being accidents as the main. People have rammed into the pier while drunk, especially in areas with much ice or sand, which has been rapidly on the rise recently.

These areas usually experience regular ground movements due to the increase or decrease of sand or ice in an area or the sinking of the structure. It might force some repair work to be done on the ground. It is to cause the Piers and beams to be re-leveled once again. In extreme conditions, where the structure might have applied too much pressure to a load, cracks might also have developed on them, causing reasons for repair or replacement whenever necessary. Remember, it is always better to have something repaired other than replaced, isn’t it better the earlier?

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