The Four Benefits of Refugee Resettlement Programs

War, continued conflicts, and persecution are the main reasons that make refugees don’t go back to their home countries. Refugees go through a lot and have limited opportunities to earn money in foreign countries. However, refugee resettlement programs allow them to be resettled in a third country where they can start afresh and get permanent residence. Resettlement programs have many benefits for the refugees and the country that agrees to admit them. Read on to learn the benefits of resettlement programs for refugees.

  1. To Protect the Right to Live for Refugees 

We all have a right to live. No matter what is happening in the refugees’ home countries, they deserve to live and rebuild their lives. If refugees are forced back to their countries, they will likely die in war. Taking them back to where there is no peace puts their lives at risk. For that reason, the US and organizations like UNHCR work hard to resettle refugees in countries where they can live and work. This gives them hope and courage to live.

  1. Allow Refugees to Live a Quality Life

In most states, refugees live in camps, waiting to go back home when things get back to normal at home. However, it can take months or years for things to improve. What will the refugee be like for all that time? They deserve to live a quality life, which is why refugee resettlement programs are available. The country that admits the refugees allows them to work to earn a living. At the start, the government and non-governmental organizations can provide financial support for food, rent, and clothing. When the resettled refugees get jobs, they can now spend their earnings to live their lives.

  1. Provide Workforce, Leading to Economic Growth

The third country that admits refugees can enjoy economic growth thanks to the workforce provided by the resettled refugees. Most of these refugees are learned and can take up competitive jobs, helping the country to grow. Other refugees have brilliant ideas and can start businesses that generate revenue for the third country, spurring economic growth. Other resettled refugees are innovative and can develop technological solutions that can benefit local businesses, helping them to improve productivity and efficiency.

  1. Resettled Refugees Can Be Ambassadors of Peace 

Once the refugees rebuild their lives in a third country, they can come back stronger as ambassadors of peace to help stop war and conflicts back home. They can also participate in peace missions in other countries involved in war or conflicts. They have first-hand experience of how a refugee’s life looks and feels like, hence can appeal to those in authority and those feeling untouchable to stop unnecessary violence and wars.


Refugee resettlement programs benefit refugees and third countries that accept to admit them. The programs protect the right to live of refugees. In addition, refugees get opportunities to work and rebuild their lives in a third country. In return, the third country can enjoy economic benefits thanks to the resettled refugees’ workforce and economic activities they can get involved in.

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