Flexographic Printing and Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes have been an important part of business marketing for years. As a matter of fact, the very first advertisement published by a company was in the form of a box. Over time, printed boxes have evolved into multi-purpose functional objects with unique functions and features. Today, these functional objects serve various purposes. They are used for shipping goods, protecting products during shipping, storing products, displaying products, organizing products, and more.

Whether you need a box to store inventory, protect goods during shipping, or display promotional merchandise, a custom printed packaging solution is a cost-effective way to improve your business image, generate interest, and increase visibility for your product. Consider the last product you bought online. Was it in a box or folded in a tapered envelope?

We all know that it took time to open that package. And what if that product didn’t arrive in a nice cardboard box? A large percentage of companies in today’s marketplace use cardboard as the product packaging material in their products. While polyester and flexographic technology is quickly replacing it in many cases, printed boxes remain as an important part of the distribution chain.

Flexographic printing has long been a primary partner in the development and production of numerous cardboard products such as packaging inserts, polybag boards, and acrylic wraps. In addition, many companies use flexographic printing to create complete packaging solutions including preprinted lids, custom die-cuts, full-color CMYK print on labels, custom corners, full-color silk screening on inserts, and more. If you need an affordable, high-quality packaging solution for your next retail fixture, contact a high-quality printing and fulfillment company for custom boxes today.

One of the hottest areas of innovation in the fulfillment industry is using custom printed boxes in an imaginative manner to solve customer problems. Perhaps you want a cute or fun shaped box style packaging to distribute a new promotional item. Perhaps you need specialized packaging for fragile or delicate items, or simply a different size and shape than your competition. Your friendly printer can help! With high-end CMYK printing technology, we can produce unique box styles for every application, including custom printed boxes for small, medium, or large items, custom die cuts, embossed foil printing, full color CMYK foil printing on cardboard, wood veneers, matte paper, gloss paper, lamination, PVC lining, built-in accessories, and more.

Perhaps you need printed packaging boxes to replace standard, heavy-duty plastic boxes. Or perhaps you need a more unique, ergonomic solution to that heavy, flimsy box that’s taking up space in your warehouse. Whatever your box style needs may be, our expert designers are ready to help. Contact today to discuss your printed boxes using flexographic printing technology.

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