Benefits of virtual hiring events  

Most companies have used online recruiting events as a result of the pandemic. Employers will almost certainly be permitted to organize in-person job fairs again at some point. Until then, virtual hiring events have become the standard.

The recruiting events will continue to be an essential source of quality candidates for specific roles in many industries. The success of virtual hiring has pushed companies to continue to do so until it is safe to meet in person again.

Benefits of Virtual hiring

The extensive list of advantages of these virtual events has made talent acquisition executives appreciate and enjoy them since switching to virtual job fairs.

Ease of approach

There are thousands of publications discussing tactics for attracting the younger generation of job seekers. These digital natives are comfortable using virtual technologies to communicate with potential employers since they grew up immersed in technology, particularly when it comes to communication. Virtual events are an excellent method to show that the company is up to date on the latest technology and trends.

Better experience and engagement

Candidates can connect with recruiters and hiring managers one-on-one via text-based chat, audio-only interviews, or video interviews during virtual hiring events. This one-on-one attention makes prospects feel unique and allows them to ask the questions they need to be addressed to put the company first in their job hunt.

This, along with an easy-to-use platform, results in a great candidate experience that fosters trust and makes applicants want to move further. Prospects will be more involved throughout the process if a virtual job fair is part of the recruiting funnel, and more candidates will stay engaged longer than those obtained through other channels.


The cost of a virtual job fair varies depending on various circumstances, but online solutions are significantly more cost-effective than in-person recruiting events. In-person events frequently necessitate travel, venue hire, refreshments, and a slew of other logistical issues, all of which add to the cost. Because virtual job fairs do not require travel or a venue, they are immediately less expensive. Online job fairs also require fewer staff members than in-person events, so you won’t have to close the business for a recruiting event.

Higher attendance

In-person job fairs have an average participation rate of 50%, whereas virtual job fairs have roughly 70%. Additionally, virtual recruiting events tend to attract higher-quality prospects. Because virtual job fairs allow businesses to tailor their advertising and invitation lists to specific candidate profiles, recruiters observe an increase in the number of applicants and the percentage of quality prospects, making the selection process more productive.

Better time-management

This is the most straightforward of the bunch. Recruiters can engage with more candidates in the same or less time by using the virtual job fair concept. Virtual job fairs assist recruiters in speeding up the screening process and transfer top prospects to the next step faster than in-person events and traditional phone screening methods by attracting higher-quality candidates.


Virtual hiring events are a logical next step in keeping candidates and recruiters safe from the virus while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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