Top Reasons Why a Homestay is Better Than a Hotel

Starting a new life overseas – whether it is for students who are going to study in a different country, travellers who are seeing the country for the first time or workers who are starting a career – can be daunting. Uprooting and starting again in an entirely different country is a difficult task. If you are moving to England, either as a student or a traveller or a worker, there are homestays in London that you can stay in instead of a hotel.

You are not alone

Living in a hotel can be very sad. You are alone in your hotel room, with no one to talk to when you stay indoors. In a homestay, you have a whole family to pass the hours with, and you won’t run out of things to talk about.

You get to learn about the place through locals

What better way to learn about the new place than from the locals who live there? You get to have first-hand accounts of what it’s like to live in London. You may even get some tips about transportation, good places to eat that serve good food but do not charge much, places to visit and so much more.

You get to eat hot, home cooked meals

Staying in a hotel means eating in fast food joints, if you can’t afford a decent meal at the hotel. With a homestay, you get to eat hot, authentic home cooked meals by your host family. You get to taste traditional food. You get to share these meals over great conversation at the dinner table.

It is cheaper

Staying in a hotel will exhaust your financial resources. Hotel rates are exorbitant, and their service is more professional than personal. With a homestay, you get to save money while enjoying personalised service from your host family.

The experience is unique

Not everyone gets to say that they stayed with a family abroad. You get to store the experience in your travel memory bank — the things that you will experience while in a homestay are unique.

You get to form new friendships

Forming unlikely friendships with your host family’s members is always a possibility. Even if you are no longer staying with them, you can still communicate and get in touch, and maybe you can host them in your home country too.

Peaceful and quiet

A host family has at most ten members in the household, which is a small number compared to a hotel. If you are looking for peace and quiet on your stay abroad, a homestay is a perfect accommodation option for you. Your host family will leave you to do your thing if you want to be by yourself.

With a homestay, you can venture out into your new country with the knowledge gained from your host family. It will not be hard for you to get a place of your own and live in a new country because your host family will prepare you for the real world.


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