Cycle Frontier Cheats: How To Play And Stay Ahead

In online games, a lot of people cheat. Even the most dedicated players can lose against an opponent who uses unfair advantages. If you find yourself repeatedly falling to the same strategies your opponent use, it might be time to look for new game strategies.

Cheating in a video game can take many forms. Some players use special controllers or software hacks to give themselves an edge. Others research strategies discovered by professional players and use those tactics to outsmart their opponents.

In some games, however, cheats are built into the gameplay itself. These are known as “shooter-driven” cheats. To succeed at these kinds of games, you need to adopt a different mindset. Read on to learn how to play with more skill and avoid falling victim to these game cheats.

What Is A Cycle Frontier?

Cycle Frontier is a strategy game developed and released on iOS. The game is set in an apocalyptic future in which “Frontier’s” oil-drilling robots are not just essential to Earth’s economy, but also its survival.

In the game, you take control of a Drilling Company, which operates two types of robots: Infantry and Rifle. Your Drilling Company’s robots can travel on land and sea, and deploy from bases to explore the world, fight enemies, and collect resources.

How To Play Cycle Frontier

Like any other strategy game, Cycle Frontier’s biggest hurdle is Learn to Play. As with other strategy games, the trick is to adopt a “thinking man’s game” mindset. If you put in the time to learn the rules and strategies of Cycle Frontier, you’ll find it has a much less intimidating reputation than it’s given credit for.

The gameplay loop in Cycle Frontier is fairly simple: Explore, Resource, Fight and Send Home.

Explore – Your main goal is to explore the world and find new resources. Resources can be spent to build new robots, send home old ones, or upgrade your base.

Resource – Resources are the game’s “money”. Collect them by exploring, trading with other players, or by winning them in games.

Fight – Robots engaged in combat generate metal, which is used to upgrade and buy new robots. There are also metal rewards for winning battles.

Send Home – Once you’ve beaten a level, you can claim a reward and send your robots back to base. In between levels, you can also sell off resources you’ve collected.

There are a few signs that the game might be cheating on you. They might be more prominent in certain levels, or they might pop up in levels over and over again.

Strategies For Playing Cycle Frontier Cheats

If you think a certain strategy is giving your opponent an edge, there are ways to counter it. Here are some of the more common Cycle Frontier cheats, and how to play around them.

One-Shooters – One-shooters is the most basic form of cheating. These are programs that auto-complete a level for you, ensuring a high score. They’re easy to spot: new players aren’t affected by them, and experienced players will see a big difference.

Tile Swapping – Tile swapping is the practice of changing the order of the tiles on the screen. In most strategy games, this isn’t a big deal. In Cycle Frontier, however, it’s a big deal.

If you swap tiles on the screen, the game will assume you meant to do it, and give you a “glitch” bonus.

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