Guide OnHow To Play 7 Kabale

One of the most interesting and leisurely activity to pass time is playing 7 kabale. Card games make for an excellent fun activity while meeting friends and during family outings. These games can involve many players which only add to the entertainment and enjoyment. 7 kabale can be played even by a single player.

7 kabaleaims to stack the four suits, separately and in order, from Ace to King. Cards have to be placed one by one on top of each other and only when all the suits have been stacked in and order the game ends.

How to play the game?

Known by different names, such as Solitaire and Patience, 7 kabale follows similar rules with slight variations. These rules are as follows:

  • The deck is to be shuffled. The cards are then distributed in seven rows in the tableau area.
  • The first row has one column and one column corresponds to a single card. The second row will have two columns, third row three columns and so on.
  • From the cards distributed, players need to first find Aces of every suit to place in the foundation area. If there are no aces, the player can start by arranging the cards in sequence in the tableau.
  • In the tableau area, cards can be placed one on top of another provided, they are of different colors and the card being placed is a number lower than the one on which it is being placed. For example, you can place a 6 of Hearts over a 7 of Spades and you can place Jack of Clubs can be placed over Queen of Diamonds.
  • Every time a card is removed from a row, if there is a card below it then the card will be revealed by overturning it. Now the card is in the game and can be used either to place in the foundation, under or over another, subject to the rules.
  • The deck is left with 24 cards. The cards in the deck can be opened one by one and if the player wants to increase the difficulty, they can open every third card. Once every card is opened up in the deck, the deck can be overturned again and the same process can be repeated, if the player needs a card. Each card overturned can be used in the game.

The rules are simple, and when one gets the hang of it, the game is easy to play. People can also involve other players and every player gets a deck to play with. The one with the lowest time to stack the suits wins the game.

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