Exciting and some fun pie puns you can prepare

Pie puns are one of those dishes which are easy to make and everyone’s favorite especially children’s. Pies are such food items which can be served at any time and still remain a perfect dish at that time. People eat pie puns at savory or as a perfect dessert option and sometimes even for breakfast. Even after this simple process of making there are many ways to prepare it and also you can a variety in each and every type. And the process of making them is quite easy if that’s the perfect icing on the cake.

How to make a healthy and fun pie puns

There are few simple ways by which you can prepare but this is quite an easy way to make it: –

  • Prepare the stock or the filling
  • Put the stock in a pot with peppercorns, chopped carrots, and onions with the ingredients you need with it.
  • Let it cook on a low flame for a couple of hours.
  • Always toss out the vegetable before you take out the stock.
  • Continue simmer for a better taste
  • Fill up the stock and bake it.

That’s it you are done with making some fun pie puns and enjoy its wonderful taste for anytime you like.

A variety of flavors and types

As per the easy procedure and can be prepared in a couple of hours many chefs have tried it with many things which could be used as stock. And many people like liked it very much and try to include it n their daily meals. Few of the classic pie puns are: –

  • Apple Pie puns: – This one is quite a famous pie puns around the world and as the name suggests the main ingredient used in it an apple.
  • Healthy pumpkin pie pun: – This one is a classic example of some fun pies and it is healthy and made from often ignored but rich pumpkins
  • Chicken Pie pun: – Chicken pie pun was made for chicken lover and it is really one of the most sold pies at many places.

Apart from these some fun pies puns vary from blueberry pie puns to strawberry pie puns and they can come is kinds of shapes which attract the people and especially children the most. Pie puns are no doubt a mouth watery dish but it can be the best when prepared properly. It requires little attention of yours while baking and making the stock.

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