Don’t miss these exterior cleaning products to keep your car sparkling clean

Car owners are always looking for ways to clean their cars without affecting the environment. These owners want to lower their carbon footprint, but they also do not want to compromise on the quality of their car’s exterior paintwork or bodywork. Car owners should know that there are several exterior cleaning products that offer them exactly what they’re looking for; these products come from renowned brands or even natural sprays that help maintain shine while remaining environmentally friendly.

Car exterior cleaning products

Car maintenance goes beyond checking tire pressure and oil levels. Car owners can get rid of dirt and grime that accumulate on their car’s surfaces during the rainy season. Car exterior cleaning products can help car owners maintain a clean exterior, even when it’s raining. There are many cleaning solutions for every part of the car.

Some of the useful exterior cleaning products

There are many car cleaning accessories that come from trusted brands that have passed stringent quality control tests before releasing their products into the market. This is to ensure that consumers receive high-quality products that can fully protect their cars, even in the most difficult weather conditions. Some of these trusted brands include 3M, Formula 1, Michelin, etc. Take a look at the list of useful car exterior cleaning products.

-Car Wash : Car wash is used to remove small particles of dirt and grime from a car’s exterior paintwork or bodywork. It will help the owner maintain a clean car without having to scrub at the surface too much. Car owners can use car wash fluid directly from the bottle, but they should also be sure to wipe dry any areas that were washed by mistake. Formula 1 car wash, 3M Bondo Multi Purpose Cleaner , 3M Auto Specialty Shampoo, etc. are the good brands to opt for

-Wax and Polish: Waxing compounds will help protect a car’s paintwork or bodywork against harmful environmental conditions. They offer an additional layer of protection that prevents dust, water spots, sap, and other damaging elements from affecting their cars’ paintwork or bodywork. You can choose products such as Formula 1 Premium Liquid Wax, Formula 1 PREMIUM Paste Wax, 3M Auto Specialty Cream Wax, etc.

-Car Wiper:  A windshield wiper can help remove rain, dirt, and grime from the windows. It is a very useful accessory for maintaining visibility while driving. Michelin, Geomax, and Bosch windshield wipers are durable and effective in wet weather.

-Glass cleaner: Glass cleaner is used on windows in order to remove dirt, sap, and other debris from the windows. The cleaner should usually be sprayed on a microfiber cloth as it is being wiped over car windows. 3M Auto Specialty Glass Cleaner, Formula 1 Glass Cleaner Spray, etc. are some of the common brands used in India.

-Car Care kit/ exterior cleaning kit: When purchasing a product, people often do not consider that they will also need additional accessories for their cars in order to fully clean them. the 3M car care kit includes everything from the best car cleaning cloth, waxing compounds, glass cleaners, and tire dressers that protect against UV damage.

-Car wash brush: A car wash brush can help with removing mud stuck to undercarriage parts such as mud flaps and wheel arches. A Michelin Car Wash Brush can help drivers get into these difficult-to-reach parts without getting their hands dirty.

-Tyre dresser: Tire dressers offer a high shine look for tires and protect them against sun damage and discoloration. One should always make sure that the product is allowed on car tires before purchasing or using it, as some products might not be able to adhere properly. Products such as 3M Auto Specialty Tyre Dresser and 3M Ultimate Dresser do an excellent job.

-Scratch repair pen: A scratch repair pen will help reduce the visibility of scratches by filling in the affected area with pigment from the scratch repair paint. Michelin Scratch Repair Pen is one such brand that offers a convenient way to remove minor scratches from vehicles’ exterior paintwork or bodywork.

-Insect Remover: Michelin Insect Remover is a safe and easy-to-use solution for removing bugs, sap, and other grime from a car’s exterior. It is also useful for removing build-up on glass, plastics, chrome, etc.

As seen above, there are many different types of exterior cleaning products available in India that can be used to ensure the proper maintenance of cars. One must make sure to choose products according to their specific needs when it comes to choosing an exterior cleaning product.

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